Membership in Associations is Declining   Why?

According to the American Society of Association Executives, association membership is declining across the board. Cost-cutting isn’t the only reason for the decrease. Social networks provide easy and convenient ways for industry members to find each other and network. Extensive online content has led to vast and often free access to the types of information, insights, and training that professionals used to be able to access only through association membership and conferences.

What about the next generation of your members?

Millennial workers largely place less value on formal and traditional means of networking. These business people typically, prefer to establish their own business relationships in their own ways.

It is time for associations to adopt a different approach to growing their membership. Associations should focus on developing new offerings, services, and meeting styles as their industries and members evolve. Look to retail for the model. What if Amazon was still only an online book store? They recognized how quickly they would hit their limit of growth with only the distribution of books. Amazon is the model of agility as they have completely shifted the retail industry, the delivery industry, customer analytics and now they are creating original entertainment content. Associations would be wise to recognize the lessons here on how to shift their thinking in order to stay relevant for the future by engaging the next generation.

The next generation of members are not engaged in the value of membership. Let’s change that!

We have a proven track record of success in building Next Generation engagement. Let us help you grow your Association’s next generation membership today.

We can help your organization retain, grow and develop the next generation of your association members and leaders. We do this by:

  • Pre-conference educational workshops, designed to engage the next generation
  • Mid-year conferences exclusively for your next generation members
  • Engagement through tribe-building and online engagement appealing to the next generation
  • Mentoring program to engage and develop your next association leaders
  • Succession/Leadership planning for the association and the subset of Next Generation members

You are no longer in the age of plan it, schedule it and staff it and they will come. the Next Generation wants to be engaged, involved and participating. We are here to develop your association’s future.


“Russell knows how to bring what you need to hear to the forefront, while still keeping you engaged. I’ve been to many conferences and he is by far on of my favorites!”  — Brittany

“I am an active member in the American Rental Association Young Professional network, Jenni and Russell put together quite a few seminars since my involvement that I have attended. Russell’s insight on leadership and generational differences has very much so helped me in my career. It gave me tools to help me through the challenges that face a younger person in my industry. “ — Andrew

Who are we?

Russell has a dynamic delivery style as a keynote speaker that has him ranked as one of the top speakers in many business categories. His humor, his stories and his research deliver powerful programs that have organizations booking him repeatedly.

His rave reviews, cutting-edge content and low-maintenance style have meeting planners and audiences bringing him back over and over again.  They know Russell is constantly updating his information so they will never hear the same keynote program twice, which is why many of his clients bring him back year after year.

Russell researches his audience’s industry and issues in advance of his programs to ensure the information is a direct fit with what they are facing and is immediately applicable to the challenges they are facing. Russell also helps in the promotion and marketing of the program with magazine articles, interviews, and even commercial spots.

Russell can be reached at 803-985-9448,


Jenni Swanson is a dynamo conference/event planner and program manager.  Attention to detail, event flow and engaging activities are what draw next generation members to her events.

She understand what the next generation is looking for and how they receive and assimilate information.

Jenni created a next generation program that grew  from 0 to over 650 members, held sold out conferences, receptions and educational workshops resulting in engaged members who value what their association can offer them.

Together they are what every association needs to grow their next generation member engagement.

Those who participated in our conferences are now in leadership roles within their associations as engaged members and decision makers.

Jenni can be reached at 563-340-9303 or

We know what works, let us make that work for your association.