Audiences seek motivation with a message they can relate to, feel inspired by, and can apply in their own lives. This keynote does exactly that in a humorous exciting program audiences rave about.

As an opening or closing conference keynote, Russell delivers a five-point message on how to find the drive within to overcome obstacles that can hold a person back from accomplishing the impossible. His story is not one of grandiose accomplishment. It’s about how a person took control of his life, overcame the fears we all face, and created an “impossible” challenge that 12 months later he triumphantly achieved.

Russell will craft related information from your industry into his message from interviews he will conduct with members of your group in advance to understand the obstacles they are facing. Audience members feel empowered by this program to go out and achieve their own “Impossible.”

1. Freshen the Familiar

2. Make a Pact to Act

3. Fight through Fears

4. Strengthen in the Struggle

5. Visualize the Victory