Leadership Legacy: Mentoring Momentum


Longevity is no longer a cornerstone of business success in leadership. In fact, the upwardly oriented leader is looking to move around to gather the most diverse experiences he or she can get from multiple organizations in order to climb the career ladder faster.

So what does the organization do when their top leadership talent is moving on to other opportunities?

Create a leadership legacy program in order to maintain the momentum and progress without missing a step during leadership transition.

Leadership Legacy is a program that teaches how to set up a mentoring program that transfers critical information and skills while also giving new talent a sense of belonging.

In the age of information, you must have a continuous flow, no matter who is filling leadership positions. Long-term success is predicated on knowledge and talent, not individuals.

Program Contents:

  • Mentee selection process
  • The first meeting with the mentee
  • The mentoring agreement
  • Setting mentor/mentee expectations
  • What happens in a mentoring session
  • Goal setting for both the mentee and the organization
  • What monthly topics to cover in sessions
  • Follow up audits
  • Accountability
  • Mentoring is about effective communication, not about bragging rights