Employees are more technologically savvy, have higher demands, and seek individual recognition — and that is from the Baby Boomers!

The landscape of workforce interaction, information exchange, and leadership expectations have dramatically shifted in just the last few years. Whether you call it the Internet effect, the global business impact, or challenging economic times, there is no doubt that leadership for a multi-generational workforce requires a different skill set to achieve maximum performance in the workforce.

Baby Boomer, Generation X, and  Generation Y employees are all looking for leaders they can trust and believe in. Boomers seek consistency, Gen X-ers want a reason to stay, and Gen Y-ers demand immediate career opportunities.

Do you know how to be consistently successful leader for this diverse workforce?

Program Contents:

  • Understanding the work ethic and job expectations of the different generations
  • The 7 common traits all generations are looking for in a leader to follow
  • How to properly answer the question: “What’s in it for me?”
  • Managing desires and exceeding expectations of your employees
  • How to engage workers from all generations — on average only 9% of workers are fully engaged
  • Being consistent while working with individual abilities
  • Finding the right time to give them “all they can eat”
  • The 5 best ways to determine the right time for challenges and motivation when developing employees
  • Communication styles that will maximize performance