This frequently funny, often thought-provoking and right on target program gets people to see the biggest obstacle to success: themselves. In today’s times of negative news, destructive commentary, tarnished self-confidence and beat down, society has developed a bad case of stinking thinking. Now is the time to stop stinking thinking!

Self-sabotaging behavior is on the rise as life stresses increase.

In the workforce, these emerging trends are manifesting in apathy, a willingness to give up, and a lack of drive for success.

With tremendous demands and being pulled in different directions, employees are more distracted, less engaged, and not in the proper frame of mind to create great success for themselves and those they work for.

This program is a wake-up call for how personal and professional success go hand in hand.

Let’s restore responsibility in the workforce by restoring success thinking in the individual.

Program Contents:

  • Restoring responsibility in the workplace
  • The attitude of success
  • The self-saboteur challenge
  • Overcoming fears, inertia, and following the herd
  • Defining your personal view of success
  • The success system and how to make it part of your life
  • Stress management and negative information quotas
  • The connection between physical and mental stimulation and performance
  • The self-application of the success thinking model and how to measure results
  • When winning feels right