Avoid the Drama Trauma Zone

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Drama Trauma is an increasing epidemic in the workplace that is disrupting productivity, relationships, and your bottom line.

Tell me if you’ve seen this in your workplace: An employee becomes emotional to the point of being non-productive and disruptive to those around them, a state usually triggered by a personal event, a “national crisis” the 24/7 news cycle breathes life into, or any other opportunity for them to become excitable.

Whether caused by a swollen story passing through social media or the personal crisis du jour, drama seekers constantly live from crisis to crisis. How do you stop this from impacting your work environment?

Set the emotional tone of your work environment.

In these reactionary times, leaders need to be setting the emotional tone of consistency. The highs aren’t too high, and the lows aren’t too low. Focus forward and resist the distraction of the noise of the drama.

Not all causes are meant for the workplace, and not all social issues need to become occupational concerns. The more leaders buy into the surrounding drama, the more permission that gives employees to bring it into the workplace. Maintain the rational focus from the top. Leaders should also address with employees the culture that is being set within the business.

Drama junkies will always be drama junkies.

We have a portion of our society who thrive on the drama. Reality show drama, family drama, local news drama, and even weather drama can paralyze these junkies into productionless total disruptions.

When you have a junkie causing drama trauma in your workplace, intervene immediately before their “panic” becomes contagious. Stop the disruption, isolate the drama junkie, and let this person know what is and what is not acceptable behavior. Be aware that drama junkies will always have the desire to thrive on any drama they can find.

As we enter into the final stretch in this highly volatile political season, now would be a good time to review your policy on political activism in the workplace. What are your guidelines for political buttons, clothing, conversations with customers, and any other expressions of personal opinions. Stop the drama before the drama trauma causes your business to be losing customers and revenue.