You are a Business Owner — Not a Superhero


Business owners are a breed all their own. They want to do it all, believe they have all the answers, and have to win every time!

Do you know the real measure of success for the business owner? When they have built the structure to support itself…without them being involved.

Business owners frequently wore every hat possible while building the business and will find it challenging when it’s time to remove one of those hats. The fact is a business owner only has so many hours in a day and is limited by a finite amount of bandwidth. In order to grow and expand, the business owner needs to structure the business with systems and accountabilities that don’t require their 100% involvement.

At some point Microsoft had to be more than just Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Jeff Bezos is no doubt the man in charge at Amazon, but how much of that company is operating autonomously? Sure, you can say, with the size of these organizations, it is without question they are bigger than the founder, but which came first? The willingness to delegate, structure and hire the right talent to be accountable, or the business just became too big so minions were added while the owner continued to do all of the heavy lifting?

As much as we like to think of these giants of business as a type of superhero, they are simply human with an understanding of how to build talent around them with the right structure for growth and accountability.

What – or who — do you need in your business in order for you to be able to step away and it run as smoothly without your constant presence?