Focus on Strengths

focus strength

In this country we love to nitpick decisions. In fact, with social media, we have become experts at finding the negative and make it a trending topic. Frankly, I think we spend too much time focusing on what went wrong instead of what went right.
As a leader, when you focus on weaknesses, you force people to look for excuses, create spin control on their mistakes, and out-right cover up problems. How does this improve an organization?

People are no doubt fallible, but when you focus on a person’s real strengths, they feel comfortable being more real and build their own confidence in who they are. A work environment where leaders focus on strengths means leaders have less fear of cover-ups and having to dig through messages to find the real truth. When an employee knows the boss focuses on what she does well, she will be less likely to disguise her weaknesses and actually be more open to constructive feedback in order to grow.

Everyone has gaps in their skill sets, but everyone also has a set of strengths where they make meaningful contributions to the success of the organization. Concentrate on how to maximize those strengths and how best to use them for the benefit of the individual and the business.

Don’t be afraid to create unique job task combinations to appeal to strengths and minimize weaknesses.