Looking for Leading Indicators

What if you knew exactly what steps to take to achieve your goals in business? Would that be helpful? What if you knew exactly what your customers wanted to buy, how much risk would that minimize for you?

 We are in an information age where predictive leading indicators can show you the proper steps to take to maximize your business success. Predictive data trends are leading indicators of events, and it’s time to explore these on a deeper level for your business.

Trainers of elite athletes learned that maximal oxygen uptake is one significant factor that can determine an athlete’s capacity for aerobic endurance. This leading indicator dramatically changed how endurance athletes train.

Businesses, through data-mining, have determined with a high level of accuracy leading indicators predicting consumer purchase behavior of their products.

What about your business?

Consider what areas you need to look deeper at to find predictive trends to improve achieving your corporate goals.

For example, companies such as Google and Zappos have figured out the predictive data on how to attract and retain top talent for their organizations, which is why they have such low turnover and employee satisfaction. They discovered leading indicators of who stays and fits well within their work cultures.

Are you challenged with a revolving door of new hires who don’t last? I am working with one of my clients on this exact issue. The constant turnover is costly, disruptive, and hurts continuity of service. This is a common place for businesses to explore their data to find predictive trends. Discovering who truly fits with your culture is not only is a cost savings, but is better for your customers and the rest of the team.

Why are sales happening or not?

Most sales organizations focus on lagging indicators, such as monthly reports of closed sales, revenue earned, profits gained, etc. All of this information is after the fact. At the pace of business today, we need to be able to “pre-act” not just react, therefore, leading indicators of sales success are much more important.

Look at the areas of your business you want to discover leading indicators of goal achievement and success. Then decide what data you need to analyze to discover predictive trends. Leading indicators of success will give you a competitive advantage.