Business today is fast, competitive and demanding of its leaders. Russell White offers proven methods and innovative ideas to help your business grow and succeed in the current business climate. No one can do it alone, savvy executives use a coach.

To build your brand and grow your business, join me Russell J. White, “The Business Coach,” Fridays on WRHI 100.1 FM.

For over 25 years, Russell White’s ideas and information have assisted thousands of executives and hundreds of organizations in finding new comfort zones in uncertain times. He specializes in guiding them through the transformation from  stability to embracing the agility needed to succeed at the pace of today’s economy.

Family-owned businesses in transition have especially found Russell’s ideas to be of benefit. The modern economy is causing organizations to experience more than just a transition. These are transformational times and transformations are not quiet or gradual. They rip and tear. They remove comfort zones. The rules to create success have been rewritten.


Russell is here to help you build your brand and grow your business.