Self-awareness: An Increasing Need for Leaders

self-awareness 2

The world is full of recording devices and leaders can be judged on a single sound bite.  Self-awareness is a trait with growing importance.

How am I defining being self-aware? Being alert and aware of your emotions, thoughts and behaviors. In the 24/7 news cycle and with virtually every human being in possession of a recording device, leaders must be constantly vigilant in how they are conducting themselves. Social media is also fraught with landmines for those leaders who act emotionally before thinking logically.

The self-awareness of self-control

We all have trigger words, phrases or attitudes that can inflame emotions. Some people may be using those triggers intentionally to evoke a specific action to suit their purposes. Hold firm. Recognize when someone is pushing those emotions in you and it is imperative you hold on to your control. The criticality of recorded confrontations or heated exchanges is higher than ever before with how the viral transformation of information happens in the social media world. When you are challenged, mentally regroup, focus and don’t be derailed in your message
The self-awareness needed for avoiding fear

Embarrassment, pride, anger and feeling intimidated can all manifest itself in the form of fear. When a leader, well any person actually, is fearful they will respond with emotion over logic and can become rash in comments or actions. Fair or not, leaders are held to a higher standard of resisting emotional reactions. Do you know how fearful emotions are incited in you? Today more than ever leaders must learn to embrace bravery and face their fears moving forward with confidence.

Thought leaders, elected officials and anyone at the forefront of ideology within an organization should plan to develop their self-awareness because the challenges will only increase in this age of connectivity and immediate information.