The Jaw Dropper

A man jumps out of an airplane at 25,000 feet without a parachute on purpose (!) and aims for a small net set to catch him. Most of us will remember hearing something about this or watching the YouTube clip the day after it happened, but do you even remember his name? Most don’t.

If you are a regular television watcher, by age 18 you will have seen 16,000 simulated murders. Daily you are exposed to 1500 advertisements in America, and social media has jaded us to wonder what information we can trust. Rarely does something truly grab our attention anymore. As a society we’ve become numb.

Motivational messages, marketing ideas, and commercials are a tidal wave of information that continue to numb the senses. Now imagine you are a leader trying to activate, motivate, and even instigate your staff to be driven for success. How are you getting your message through?

In today’s world you have to deliver a jaw-dropping message that really resonates with your target audience. The same ol’ words and approach will not have significant impact. You need to have enough uniqueness to be noticed while delivering a constructive message that gets through. I know! This is tough stuff.

Consider who you are trying to reach.

What method best relates to them? What action are you trying to encourage? Better performance from employees? More loyalty from customers? Better study habits from your kids? Find the words that they need to hear (not necessarily the message you want to send).

No matter how much you beg for them to act, no matter how badly you NEED them to take that action, your message will fall on deaf ears if not crafted to get their attention in a jaw-dropping way they can’t forget and truly feel inspired.

My challenge to my readers is this:

As managers and parents, take the time to consider what it would take to deliver a jaw-dropping message. This is how we get through, especially to the young people raised in a 24/7 information flow. Let me know what you found works for your target audience.

By the way, in case you were wondering: Luke Aikins, age 42, was the man who successfully completed the freefall stunt landing into a 100 foot by 100 foot net moving at 120 mph.

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