Work/Life Balance Doesn’t Work

Let’s face reality: It is impossible for the entrepreneur to turn off work completely. If you love your business and work hard to make it thrive, it is a part of the fiber of your being. Saying you will turn off work is like saying, “I won’t think about my left leg for the entire weekend.” So what is the answer since we also know burnout is a reality facing entrepreneurs

Work/Life Blending

It is impossible to turn off work; however, it is possible to hit the pause button while you engage in another activity.

Instead of trying to a work/life balance, try breaking your day into segments. Work segments. Family segments. Personal segments. Have a full day of meetings? Take a few minutes in between them to text your spouse and share a funny story, a word of encouragement, send an emoji to your kids, etc.

When you are facing a day packed with important meetings with significant decisions in each, you must give yourself some personal time in there to grab a breath and recharge. Take a 30-minute walk around the block, call a buddy to talk about the game last night, whatever gives you a chance to catch your breath. It may feel like it sometimes, but running a business isn’t a sprint; it’s a very long race and you have to sustain your energy the entire way.

Once you understand how to work in segments and prioritize your day, you will find a good rhythm to your day to take care of your business, yourself and your family.

Three truths to keep in mind when blending your day:

  • Family needs you when they are ready, not when you are ready.
  • Some of your best work ideas will arrive when you are in the gym or having personal time.
  • A happy family and a happy you make for better decisions in your business.