Leadership Agility: Make Uncertainty Your Comfort Zone

In the modern economy, uncertainty is a daily obstacle as business moves at the rapid pace of change. What was cutting edge last year is the new norm this year.  Technology is driving customer demands and business expectations well beyond our comfort zones as we try to maintain a stable work environment.

How can we lead in such a chaotic work environment?

Leadership skills are evolving to embrace the uncertainty of doing business today by replacing a stability focus with an agility focus. Leadership agility is predicated on using the force of change as an advantage, as opposed to something to fight against.

Leadership Agility makes sense in the current working environment.

Companies such as Starbucks, Zappos and Google are on the cutting edge, demonstrating how Leadership Agility manages change and uncertainty with a flexible structure. Learn what the most successful businesses are doing differently to gain market share, attract top talent, and be more profitable in the modern economy. Covered in this high speed, entertaining program:

  • Understanding the driving forces of change and what it’s doing to the workplace
  • Creating a culture of agility
  • The dramatic shift to customer control
  • Navigating the economic “native/immigrant” disconnect
  • Discovering the benefits of Swarm Intelligence
  • Avoiding “Brain Blunders” in costly misinformed decisions
  • The OODA Loop method for agile decisions
  • Attracting, acquiring, retaining and maximizing top talent
  • Swarm teams for solutions
  • Where we are going from here

 Included in this presentation are interactive worksheets, group discussions, and hands-on application of the information sure to elevate participants’ leadership abilities.