Strategic Planning

Can you afford to operate your organization as you did 5 years ago? NO!

Can your marketing be as it was 5 years ago? NO!

Did your customer service improvements stop 5 years ago? NO!

So why are you using a strategic planning model for your future that was designed in the previous century? THAT’S INSANE!

Changes have come fast, furious and frequently in the last five years — and there are even more changes to come even faster! Technology, economic shifts, and increasingly demanding customers are changing the shape of the future. Are you planning on how to get in front of the competitive curve?

You need to move forward fast! Broken strategic planning models will not get you there. We will.

The Seven Steps

The most effective planning is done methodically with deliberate consideration, not by simply thinking “wouldn’t it be nice” and starting off in that direction. This process is designed to walk your planning groups through careful analysis and realistic goal-setting.

  1. Internal focus: Take a deep look into every facet of your organization’s operations.
  2. External examination: You don’t operate in a vacuum. Investigate all the outside forces that affect your organization.
  3. Growth capability: How fast should you grow for maximum effectiveness?
  4. Future-focused projections: Establish where your important measurements will be in the future.
  5. Fast Forward strategies: Assimilate all the information you have gathered and begin mapping your future.
  6. Goals, champions and timelines: Without accountability, your plan becomes just a document.
  7. Fast Forward action plans: Determine how to immediately put your plan to work to achieve future success.