Swarm Teams of Excellence

The Team Experiment:  Forming a Swarm Team of Excellence

Using teams in the workplace has been around for more than 20 years. Are teams still effective with today’s individualistic attitudes of younger employees? Swarm teams benefit from a gathering of diverse talents to solve big problems.

The Team Experiment demonstrates how to gel a diverse team with different backgrounds, interests and intentions.

Teams are known to reflect their leadership and finding the right chemistry for a team to become cohesive is the difference between a team of scattered interests and little focus and a team of excellence.

This program will show leaders how to determine the team’s leadership needs, how to form a leadership plan to maximize each teammate’s potential, and how to create focus and cohesiveness in the workplace.

Great teams do not just happen. They are well-crafted, based on a specific plan executed well to create total buy-in where excellence is the result.

Program Contents:

  • Why the leader establishes the success of the team
  • Why “Hell Week” works for the Navy Seals and how to get the same results in the workplace
  • Identifying your specific team members’ desires and expectations of themselves
  • Getting the team to gel
  • Maximizing individual potential to achieve overall team success
  • Identifying the missing component inhibiting excellence
  • Developing clarity in communication once and for all
  • Knowing the difference between opinion, fact, and fiction and how to respond to each
  • Coaches, explorers, sculptors, curators and conductors. Where is your magic mix?
  • The cohesive component that achieves excellence for your team